Damage - Open Damage Claim

How To Open Damage Claim

To initiate a damage claim please log into your RentalGuardian account and select the red claim icon towards the upper left of the screen on your dashboard tab. This will prompt you to provide various information to look up the policy that needs the claim opened on, the most commonly used search parameter is the booking/reservation number. After locating the policy you will want to click on it to open it and then select the claims tab, followed by selecting the "open claim now" button on the far right of the screen. This will open the claim wizard where you will enter the claim details of the damage/how it occurred, upload the photos of the damage, and upload the paid invoices/receipts. Please keep in mind that the claim must be opened within 14 days of the guest check out and you have 45 days upon opening to complete the claim. If we can be of assistance please let us know!