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How do I cancel travel insurance coverage?

To cancel coverage click the Cancel button in the upper right hand corner of the Coverage Details page. To find the Coverage Details page, search and open coverage by clicking the search icon in the upper left hand corner of the dashboard.

As a consumer right, travel insurance has a 10 day grace period or "free look" and the traveler can receive a full premium refund. When this occurs be sure to cancel the coverage before the cancel by date. Please check the system or policy documents for the cancel by date. The Purchase Date is used to calculate the Cancel By Date. (Please note the system will not allow cancellations past the cancel by date.)

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After the Cancellation Period there are usually no refunds, however each state has their own laws. If you are unsure, we recommend checking with the insurance agency listed on the policy for specifics on premium refunds.

Please contact support@rentalguardian.com for any questions and/or submit a ticket for further assistance.